VJ Epstein, journalism lifer  

...merging calling and career


Professional references

“Victor is a passionate journalist and a great storyteller. He has a great ability to develop sources. He is able to do this at a level that is vastly higher than most reporters. He really enjoys being a reporter and his enthusiasm shows in his work.”

-Alex Tanzi, managing editor, Bloomberg News editor
atanzi@gmail.com, (202) 390-1475

“Victor was the go-to guy for major news events. He was the guy we parachuted into places like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and he filed vivid dispatches that no one else came close to producing.”

-Jonathan Salant, former president of the National Press Club

“Victor always searches for the underlying trend in an economic report and the details that illustrate it. Those are the issues that matter most to markets.”

-John Silvia, chief economist, Wells Fargo

“Victor has access to many leaders in the U.S. housing industry because of his straight-forward manner, warmth and reputation for honesty. People talk to him that might think twice about calling back another reporter.”

-Jonathan Kempner, former CEO of Mortgage Bankers Assoc.

“Victor epitomizes true journalism. He knows who to call and which questions to ask. He doesn't accept answers without further investigation and always displays an innate sense of what the true story is.”

-Terry Barrett, former head of eco, energy and commodities data at Bloomberg
LPTerrbarrett@gmail.com, (443) 458-2937

“Victor is a strong business journalist. In working with him over a couple years and several stories, both positive and negative, I found him to be open-minded, trustworthy, accurate, fair and balanced."

-Chris Littlefield, president of Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance

“Victor is a hardworking reporter who always takes time to understand substantive issues and present them in a fair and objective manner. He's able to present complex issues in an understandable fashion. He's a true professional with a core foundation of honesty and integrity."

-Pat Jury, CEO of the Iowa Credit Union League

“Victor is an excellent journalist. Fair, open and willing to learn as much about his subject as possible. He is pleasant to work with. A true professional.”

-Michael Brown, former director, FEMA

“No. 1 in my book is that Victor knows his subject matter, which allows him to quickly grasp the talking points and respond with relevant and interesting questions on the fly. All too often we economists find ourselves being interviewed by a 'blank wall,' which tends to give it a robotic feel and is frankly a little insulting.”

-Ellen Zentner, executive director and senior trading desk economist, Nomura Securities

“It’s not so much the volume of Victor's work that is special, although that alone is impressive, as it is the timing, scope and detail of his stories.”

-Larry King, former executive editor, Omaha World-Herald

“Victor is rare among the reporters I’ve worked with because he knows how to defuse the inherent tensions between journalists and their sometimes reluctant sources. He understands both sides of the equation.”

-Bill Day, corporate communications manager, Valero Energy

“I worked with Victor in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and was amazed by his 'nose for news' and eagerness to break stories, which he did on a daily basis. His economic reporting was equally impressive during government 'lockups.' I have a lot of respect for Victor as a journalist.”

-Jeff St. Onge, editor, Bloomberg News

“From the very first story Victor made it clear he would report fairly and honestly. He made good on that statement in all our dealings. He also told us he would balance stories to give readers the complete picture. The result: stories that spoke truthfully.”

-Tim McMahon, former senior vice president, ConAgra Foods

“Victor respects economics and likes to learn how things work, instead of just reporting them on faith. He spots new trends very early and was the first reporter I know who recognized the significance of pending home sales when the National Association of Realtors introduced that new economic indicator.”

-Anthony Chan, chief economist, JP Morgan Asset Private Client Services

“At Kinder Morgan, we enjoy working with Victor because we can trust that he’s going to do his best to get the story right. Not necessarily write what we want, but make a sincere attempt to be fair and objective. That's all you can ask for in a reporter.”

-Larry Pierce, vice president of corporate communications, Kinder Morgan

“Victor understands the news. He lives it every day and it is part of the fabric of who he is today. His unique understanding of often complex problems is explained in simple English so the reader not only understands the complex issues, but also understands the rationale behind it. Victor's writing brings in the best of human qualities.”

-Jeffrey R. Lewis, former President, Heinz Family Philanthropies

“Victor Epstein is the consummate professional. He digs deeply into a story and gets it right. I have never had a concern about speaking with him because I know my words will be accurately reported.”

-­Walter Arsenault, executive director, Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor

“Victor is a very knowledgeable reporter who asks pertinent questions and stays focused on the key issues when working on a story. I enjoy being interviewed by him and feel confident that my views will be reported accurately in a well written and widely read article.”

-Mark Vitner, senior economist, Wells Fargo

(Contact information for references available upon request)